Our Mission

Servant Stage Company exists to serve our community with outstanding musical and theatrical experiences; make the arts accessible to all, especially people with financial or physical limitations; provide a creative outlet for artists in our community to develop and share their talents; create performances that inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain; and to have fun while doing it!


Core Values


We serve our community by making musical and theatrical experiences easily accessible to everyone and we serve our staff and volunteers by placing the maximum worth on each one and valuing their time and talents. We seek to put others ahead of ourselves.



We endeavor to put forth our personal and professional best, providing exceptional musical and theatrical experiences, maintaining a standard of excellence, and exceeding expectations.



We make the arts accessible to everyone in our community, especially people with physical or financial limitations. We value partnerships with community organizations, schools, churches, and retirement communities. We seek to involve artists in our community by offering a creative outlet.



We seek to maintain an environment of friendship, fun, and inspiration, where artists in our community can develop their talents. We also offer classes, camps, and training for young artists in our community. We value our staff and volunteers both personally and professionally, and strive to nurture each other’s strengths and potential.



We are doing what we love to do, and that is a big part of what drives us to devote our time, talent, and energy into every project. We enjoy bringing enjoyment to others!






201 West Main St.

Strasburg, PA 17579