Old-Time Gospel Radio Hour | 2016


May 29th, June 2nd-4th, 11th & 12th

It's back by popular demand and better than ever, featuring new songs and groups from a cast of 75 performers, with more of the same beloved hymns and Gospel songs, hand-clapping, foot-stomping harmonies, and old-time radio comedy!


Faith, Hope, Charity, and Mildred- Sarah Cope, Abby Dupler, Sarah Poague, Leah Timm-Wolgemuth

The Servant Sisters- Candace Arndt, Jennifer Fort, Adelina Grosshans, Kayla Klase, Sarah Poague

The Junior Jubilee Singers- Nadia King, Addison Niven, Jaclyn Niven, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Plakans, Ava Prince, Cara Reiff, Lucy Schwartz, Olivia Tran-Speros

Wee of Little Faith- Everly Foster,  Elle Herson, Brooklyn Hilton, Kiera Miller

The Goodwell Family- Brittany Jarkowsky, Amie Harper LaBrozzi, Cody McSherry, Sydney Norgaard, Lauren Witman

Featured Duos & Soloists- Brittany Adair Adkins , Jacob Daniel Cummings, Kristen Brewer, Julia Medina, Ric Zimmerman

The Backwoods Bluegrass Boys- Caleb Brown, Wesley Madara, Paul Marini, Jonah M. Martin, Lance Yunkin

The King's Fishers- Carl Anderson, Jay Burton, Nathan Cooney, Cameron Mast

The Southern Gentlemen Vocal Band- Justin Bendo, Joel Bryson Buffington II, Sheldon Markel, Darren Wagner

The Radio Team- Gabby Griffonetti, Erin Mary Lynch, Cassidy Martin, Brad Myer, Jon Rider, John Spencer, Katherine Snyder


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