H.M.S. Pinafore | 2015


June 12th -14th

Gilbert & Sullivan’s beloved comic opera, famous for its dynamite songs, saucy satire, and gleefully entertaining story.

The captain's daughter is in love with an ordinary sailor but her father has a more sophisticated suitor in mind. Will she and her beloved defy convention and set sail for love?

Hummable, quotable, and utterly enjoyable, HMS Pinafore is pure joy and sensational entertainment for the whole family!

Cast:  Jesse Corbin, Holly Wert, Robert Bigley, Duane Hespell, Rachel Stargel, Darren Wagner, Sue Steffy,  Seth Garrett Antes,  Justin Bendo, Derek Bigley, Delaney Bigley, Aimee Bohner, Caleb Brown, Bryson Buffington, Brandon Cameron, Jonathan Dinkle, Tanner Emmerling, Alissa Hawk, Joy Herr, Caleb Heckman, Melissa Hildebrand, Della Limbert, Wes Madara, Sheldon Markel, Jonah M. Martin, Melissa Martin, Justin Mazzella, Alli McClune, Bradley Myer, Olivia Perry, Candice Quinn, Emma Shepard, Rebecca Wells, Claire Southwell, Adam Zembower

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