Our History

We began unofficially in 2011 as a group of friends donated their time and talents to rehearse and perform concerts for local retirement communities. The shows often featured a blend of professional performers and local music students sharing the stage together. The students were able to shine in front of a friendly and welcoming audience, the professionals enjoyed the chance to serve, and our audiences were delighted by the unique combination of musicality and theatricality– including costumes, choreography, and talented casts of all ages!

Something special began to grow, and over the next few years we performed four or five concerts each year (including performances for other local nursing homes, churches, and schools).

In 2013, we officially took on the name Servant Stage Company and incorporated to become a non-profit organization. Our group of friends has expanded, the number of performances and performance venues have increased, and our audiences have also grown, but the mission has stayed the same: Servant Stage Company exists to serve our community with outstanding musical and theatrical experiences, make the arts accessible to all, especially those with financial or physical limitations, provide a creative outlet for artists in our community to develop and share their talents, create performances that inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain... and have fun while doing it!




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