Parental Guidance for The Civil War

SYNOPSIS: The Civil War is a Broadway musical by Frank Wildhorn Jr. performed in concert style, centering on the American Civil War, with the musical numbers portraying the war through Union, Confederate, and slave viewpoints.
VIOLENCE: Themes of war, slavery, and death are sung about throughout the show. Media projections using historical photos from the Civil War that depict battlefields and other scenes are also used during the show.
LANGUAGE: The word "damn" is used as an adjective in a few songs during the show ("I won't let no damn Yankees tell me how I'm going to live" and as a verb in one song ("I'll be damned if I'll just sit around while you boys win the war.") The word "hell" is also used in a few songs "How many hells filled with how many devils to pay?" and "Bringin' hell and purgatory to the boys who wore the blue" and "So let's polish up our muskets, and give the rebel yell, We'll chase 'em back to Washington, Or send 'em all to hell.")
RATING: If this were a movie, it would be rated PG for themes or war, slavery, and death and for use of the words "damn" and "hell."